Block Craft 3D - Castle World Pocket Edition

Block Craft 3D - Castle World Pocket Edition

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  • ► True realistic voxel world game play;
  • ► Supports multiple languages;
  • ► Travel, construction and mining resources on the square world. Crafting items from raw materials, farming and many more development;
  • ► Single player and Multiplayer With tons of server;
  • ► Voxel Based Lighting;
  • ► Flying mode;
  • ► Speed mode;
  • ► Camera Mode;
  • ► Many Mod, monsters and animals;
  • ► Beautiful map generator...
Snake VS Block

Snake VS Block

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  • To play Slither vs Blocks Swipe your finger to move left or right on screen to move slither.
  • Slither Snake eat balls to get longer. Hit the blocks as many as possible to get high score in Slither vs Bricks.
Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks

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  • Combine blocks to create new materials and patterns!
  • Build with 60+ quirky items
  • Create as many worlds as you want - there's no limit!
  • Snap photos of your work and share their unique Blocks codes so friends and family can import your world. Or import their worlds into your own!
  • Meet the heroes and discover their superpowers.
  • Use the pencil tool to help you create many blocks in one go!
  • Open gameplay with no rules or stress
  • Kid-friendly interface
  • No third-party advertising