Gallant Flat Weight Lifting Bench - Home Gym Fitness Workout

Gallant Flat Weight Lifting Bench - Home Gym Fitness Workout


  • ✅ STURDY SUPPORT - This bench offers great stability and support when lifting weights or attempting aerobic exercises. The legs are strong and unmoving, while the back rest is firm, providing thick padding for your body.
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - After lifting all those weights, you don't want to struggle to put your bench away! The lightness of the bench makes it easy to transport from room to room.
  • ✅ HIGH WEIGHT LIMIT- Able to cope with up to 600lbs in weight, this bench is suitable for all but the most hardcore of weight-lifters! Remember to factor in your body weight, as well as the weights you will be exercising with.
  • ✅ EASY ASSEMBLY - The bench is easy to assemble in under 15 minutes, so that you have more time to test those muscles!
  • ✅ GUARANTEE 100% Risk Hassel Free 30 Days Return Policy.


Push it real good!
Weight-lifting is an essential part of any exercise routine, and this high-quality flat bench makes pushing those heavy weights a pleasure!
Both men and women can benefit from regularly lifting weights, no matter what your fitness goals are. Different weighted exercises help to work different muscles, so we recommend you spend some time on a range of moves to get the best results.
The Warm Up

Our high-quality flat bench is just what you need to push yourself to the limit. Made with durable and hard-wearing pu-grain leather that can withstand a lot of intense use, and padded out with high-density foam, you can get comfortable before adding your weight. Any sweat simply sits on top of the leather, so that a quick wipe after every workout is all that is needed to keep it clean and fresh.
At 110cm long and 27cm wide, it is the ideal size for most people to comfortably bench weights with adequate support. The thick, powder-coated steel frame stands at 43cm high, keeping you low to the ground while working out. This is also the perfect height for aerobic exercises such as step-ups, tricep dips, sit-ups, elevated planks and push-ups, or if you just want to sit and do a few bicep curls with your dumbbells.
The Cool Down

The lightweight design is deceptively sturdy and strong, allowing you to load it up with 600lbs of weight (body and bar weight combined) without experiencing any wobbling or movement underneath you. Yet, when it is time to move the bench, it is light and easy to carry, since nobody wants to lift another heavy weight after a tough workout!
Assembly is quick and easy, with full instructions and fittings included. With this simple and attractive bench you can easily construct an effective full-body workout from the comfort of your home. To fix the bench you would need 2x 17mm spanner key or adjustable wrench. Hold the bolt from one size and tighten it from other end.

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Gallant Flat Weight Lifting Bench - Home Gym Fitness Workout