Autoglym 945106330 Wheel Protector, 300ml

Autoglym 945106330 Wheel Protector, 300ml


  • Super-hydrophobic, durable barrier which minimises brake dust adhesion
  • Ideal for use on silver, white and other light coloured alloy wheels
  • Unsuitable for dark painted wheels


Brake dust spoils gleaming wheels and can damage them if ignored.

Welcome to the future of wheel care.

Autoglym joined forces with our motorsport partners to develop the ultimate solution to this irritating problem.

Wheel Protector is a super-hydrophobic, durable barrier which minimizes brake dust adhesion so your wheels remain cleaner for longer.

300ml spray can.

Please Note: NOT suitable for dark painted wheels.

Unfortunately due to delivery restrictions, this aerosol product can only be delivered to a UK mainland address

Very easy product to apply, just spray on and leave for 90 minutes. In the while waiting you can clean other parts of the car. Once cured it will be extremely easy to keep wheels clean. Is durable and has no nasty odour or fumes. It is more expensive than its predecessor but is a superior product.

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Autoglym 945106330 Wheel Protector, 300ml