A Quarter Of Retro Sweets Hamper: Mega Gift Box Jam Packed With Over 60 of the UK's Best Old School Sweets.

A Quarter Of Retro Sweets Hamper: Mega Gift Box Jam Packed With Over 60 of the UK's Best Old School Sweets.


  • SOLVE YOUR PRESENT PROBLEMS whatever their age - children and teens to Grandma and Grandpa. It's the perfect solution for those "hard to buy for" people... and a great "just in case" present idea.
  • CRAMMED WITH RETRO SWEETS MEMORIES. There really are 60 DIFFERENT old-fashioned sweets in the box - in fact there are probably more. So it makes a perfect present idea for kids and adults of all ages
  • JAM PACKED FULL OF MOUTHWATERING CLASSICS from your childhood retro sweetshop: Anglo Bubbly, Space Dust, Candy Necklaces, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, Sherbet Fountain, a Wham Bar... plus loads more.
  • SUPERB VALUE FOR MONEY - We've crammed in as many of the best, most mouthwatering, nostalgic sweets as we can. You won't find a better value selection - just read the reviews from our other Amazon customers.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings and to say thank you, congratulations, get well soon... or I'm sorry.


In your box you get these 54 different retro sweets classics plus a 250g Mix-Up Bag Of The Best Chewy Penny Sweets Around (there'll be stacks more than 6 different types of sweet in there, so that's the 60+ sweets comfortably):

Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum
Black Jacks Chews
Candy Sticks (Sweet Cigarettes) Box
Candy Lipstick
Candy Necklace
Candy Watch
Candy Whistle
Foam Mushrooms
Curly Wurly
Double Lollies Original
Double Sherbet Dip
Fizz Wiz Popping Candy (explodes in your mouth)
Fizzy Wine Gum Rolls
Foam Mushrooms
At least 20 Flying Saucers
Foam Bananas
Fruit Salads
Drumstick Lollies
Giant Refresher Chew Bar
Happy Tattoo Bubblegum
Highland Toffee Bar
Jumbo Marshmallow
Love Heart Mini Rolls
Milk Chocolate Coins
Mini Me Chews Bars
Nougat Bar
Rainbow Drops
Rainbow Straws
Refreshers Chews
Sherbet Fountain (Retro Classic)
Tongue Painter Lolly
Traffic Light Lolly
Tube Of Refreshers
Vimto Lolly
Wham Bar (80s Icon)
2 Acid Drops
2 Barley Sugar
2 Black Bullets
2 Blackcurrant and Liquorice
2 Butterscotch
2 Chocolate Limes
2 Everton Mints
2 Fruit Chews
2 Gobstoppers
2 Golf Ball Bubblegum
2 Liquorice Toffee
2 Mint Fondants
2 Mintoes
2 Rainblo Bubblegum
2 Sherbet Fruits
2 Treacle Toffee

It's retro sweets heaven!