Maypole MP6582 Camper Van Cover

Maypole MP6582 Camper Van Cover


  • Breathable
  • Suitable for all models of VW Type 2 camper vans
  • Comes with elasticated hem for a tailored fit


The Maypole 4-Ply Breathable Volkswagen T2 Campervan Cover is a superior protective cover for your Volkswagen Type 2 Campervan that offers excellent protection from the weather.

The exclusive 4-ply fabric gives you a cover that is highly water-resistant and breathable - keeping the water out while also allowing condensation to evaporate.

Fully UV-stable, the Maypole 4-Ply Breathable Volkswagen T2 Campervan Cover has four layers of protection - three layers of spunbound polypropylene, giving optimal breathability and evaporation, and a water-resistant membrane layer that lets air in and keeps water out.

This cover is bonded using an innovative rounded pattern, helping it to resist stress and tears under normal conditions.

This Maypole cover is suitable for all models of Volkswagen Type 2 campervans, including most roof options, standard or lowered suspension, and if you have a rear cycle carrier or front-mounted spare wheel.

Fitted with a zip that gives you access to the driver side door, the cover has an elasticated hem and nylon securing straps for a snug and secure fit.