Zone Tech Natural Wooden Beaded Seat Cushion

Zone Tech Natural Wooden Beaded Seat Cushion


  • The Zone Tech Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cushion is the ultimate solution to alleviate back pain and discomfort. Designed to attach easily to any chair, the seat Cushion provides a stress free all day comfort at work.
  • The seat cushion is perfect for your car seat; especially if you sit for long hours. It is a thoughtful and practical gift for taxi drivers, constant travelers, or people who commute to work.
  • It is specially designed with spacing in between the beading to ensure plenty of ventilation. Furthermore the beads are double strung on heavy line to elongate product life. Constructed out of lightweight durable fabric the Beaded Seat Cushion is therapeutic and effective. The Zone Tech Natural beaded Seat Cushion makes sitting at your desk/car comfortable again!
  • The Beaded Seat Cushion guarantees satisfaction! Its affordable price makes it a "Must Have" for secretaries, truckers, drivers and more. The neutral wood color will blend into any chair you place it on. The universal fit, combined with the supreme quality and affordable price make it an award winning item.
  • Zone Tech also manufactures and sells bubble seat cushions, back supports, seat covers, seat heaters and seat coolers for your convenience. Check out our variety of affordable yet practical accessories for your car such as floor mats, driver magnets, interior LED bulbs, strobe lights, trays, organizers and more. We are proud to serve satisfied and returning customers. After all, we got stuff for your wheels!


Zone Tech Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cushion
The Zone Tech Natural Wood Beaded Car Seat Cushion is attractive seat cushions that are constructed out of high-quality wooden beads that gently massage your back and legs while you driving. The intricately patterned beads at a varying angle provide a most beneficial massage. For even more comfort, the specially-designed bead spacing ensures plenty of ventilation. All beads are double-strung with heavy line, so they won't unravel if a thread breaks. It easily secures to your headrest with adjustable ties. With the Zone Tech Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cushion you can now drive more comfortably.

Brand: Zone Tech
Color: Natural Wood
Fit: Universal
Includes: Natural Wood Beaded Seat Cushion
Material: High Quality Wood and double strung massaging beads
Provides: Support, Massage and comfort
Designed: relieve tension stress aches and pains
Helps: Stimulate circulation and prevents fatigue

Zone Tech Brand is known worldwide with superior product quality and service

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Zone Tech Natural Wooden Beaded Seat Cushion