Heko 15226 Wind Deflectors

Heko 15226 Wind Deflectors


  • Wind Deflector FORD Focus II 4d od 04(+OT) sed/htb


Wind deflectors for front and back door (wind deflectors 4pc set) - dark tinted
Suitable for:
• FORD FOCUS mk2 4/5-doors Hatchback 2004-2016
• FORD FOCUS mk2 4/5-doors Saloon 2005-2012

Wind deflectors are the in-channel type. Equipped with adhesive backing. The amount of securing clips and their material depends on the car's make and model.

Does wind and rain disturb your car drive with the side window open? HEKO wind deflectors are the perfect solution!
The product is designed to improve the comfort of your driving in any weather. The deflectors:
  • prevent windows from fogging
  • improve air exchange in the interior (especially suitable for smokers)
  • ensure better visibility due to dirt protection
  • enhance your car's look
  • can be painted
  • are easy to install
  • fit perfectly
  • include mounting parts
  • are of superior quality
  • are dark tinted
TeamHEKO's products are made to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

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Heko 15226 Wind Deflectors