Double PROCAVE with Towelling Cover 25 x 200 CM

Double PROCAVE with Towelling Cover 25 x 200 CM


  • This Liebesbrücke brings together what belongs together.
  • Upholstered foam top with Frotteestretch cover / Composition: 75% cotton / 25% Polyester
  • The foam Liebesbrücke shall be placed between the mattress and provides for a transition.
  • Liebesbrücke / bridge / GAP FILLER / Mattress / Besucherritze
  • Dimensions: 25 x 200 cm


Never Be Separated from Your Partner by a Barrier

Are you also annoyed by the disturbing bed gap in your double bed? You are lying with your partner in the same bed, but the gap in the middle is preventing you from cuddling, getting cosy or falling asleep? The PROCAVE mattress bridge will put an end to your problem! Simply place the bed bridge over the gap and your mattresses will turn into a large seamless bed surface. The wedge is safely placed between the mattresses, so you do not have to worry about it slipping during the night. Try the mattress bridge yourself and experience beautiful hours of togetherness.

Natural and Soft Terry Cover Protection against Staining

Our double bed bridge is made of soft cold foam, which makes you sleep like on a cloud. Your personal lying comfort is completed by the soothing terrycloth cover. It is made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester. The additional cover increases the quality of the bed connector and makes it perfect for your double bed. With 25 x 200 cm dimensions our mattress wedge is ideal for every mattress up to 2 m. It covers hard edges and wide gaps reliably.

For More Quality and Comfort

Bridge the distance between you and your partner! For the best cuddle experience, we recommend you use a continuous fitted sheet or a PROCAVE mattress protector while using the mattress bridge. Feel free to roam our broad PROCAVE product range to find the best quality products. Simply search for the PROCAVE brand at the top of the search field.

Product Details
Material: cold foam mattress bridge with terrycloth cover (75% cotton, 25% polyester)
Dimensions: 25 x 200 cm

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Double PROCAVE with Towelling Cover 25 x 200 CM